Tevârîh-i Antakya: Legendary Chronicles of Antioch // 3:00pm on Thur, Sept 29th

Posted on September 27, 2022

HNAC is proud to co-sponsor the following virtual lecture:

Tevârîh-i Antakya: Legendary Chronicles of Antioch
September 29, 2022

Like many ancient cities, the foundation of Antioch on the Orontes, modern day Antakya in South Turkey, is based on myths and legends that were recorded, passed on and modified over the centuries in different languages. In this presentation by Dr. Necati Alkan (University of Bamberg, Dept of Turkish Studies), we will survey several manuscripts in Arabic and Ottoman Turkish in which we find fantastical narrations of the beginnings of Antioch until its Islamization. Historical facts are interwoven with legendary lore; men and demons, astrologers and wizards participate in its construction; apostles of Jesus and Muslim soldiers shape Antioch’s spiritual destiny.

Registration is required: https://go.uncg.edu/necatialkan

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