A team of dedicated professionals across the humanities leads the Humanities Network and Consortium.


Heather Brook Adams

Heather Adams


 In Fall 2023, Heather Brook Adams joined HNAC as Director. Recognizing the value of interdepartmental relationships, Heather sees HNAC as an entity with a sometimes-less-than-visible web of connections. Heather’s work with HNAC is a source of pleasure and a way of “paying forward” — of serving a network that has enriched her experiences at UNCG.    

Michiel Van Veldhuizen

Michiel Van Veldhuizen

Associate Director

Michiel Van Veldhuizen joined HNAC as Associate Director in Fall 2023.  Drawing upon his interests as a cultural historian, Michiel values the multitude of perspectives offered from various humanities disciplines.  These perspectives inform his classroom where he hopes to inform students to be well-rounded humanists.  Michiel believes HNAC provides connections within and between departments and communities that foster cohesion and collaboration.

Steering Committee

Asa Eger

Asa Eger

Department of History

Serving HNAC since 2015, Asa is pleased to be a part of HNAC which brings together faculty, students and community to be a strong advocates for the study of human beings, their history, art, culture and so much more.  Asa has played an integral role in facilitating interdisciplinary communications by overseeing the design and implementation of the HNAC newsletter. 

Gwen Hunnicutt

Department of Sociology

Gwen joined HNAC’s Steering Committee in Fall 2023. Believing that HNAC highlights the complementary relationship between education in the humanities and training/professional degree programs, Gwen supports HNAC’s goals to educate, to create, and to inspire. 

Eric Payton Foh

Erica payton Foh

Public Health Education

Joining the Steering Committee in 2023, Erica appreciates the value HNAC adds to the university by offering opportunities for collaborations across schools and disciplines. Working in public health education, Erica understands the need for community engagement and mentorship through applied research, experiential and high impact learning activities.

Derek Skillings

Department of Philosophy

Derek was first involved with an HNAC-affiliated event when he was invited to be a Historical Roots of our Times (HROOT) presenter. The interdisciplinary session, focused on issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowed Derek to share his research on disease and health. As a philosopher of biology, Derek appreciates this type of interdepartmental exchange. He supports HNAC because he finds value in the network’s formal and informal opportunities to learn about varied research directions and modalities.

Jennifer Feather

Jennifer Feather

Department of English

Jen feels inspired when working with her humanities colleagues. Through community-engaged research projects, HNAC fosters transformative connections within and between these colleagues and citizens. Jen believes that these connections and shared commitment to the humanities bring a refreshing vitality to ongoing teaching and research.   

Erin Lawrimore

University Libraries

Erin is a professor and university archivist who joined the HNAC Steering Committee in Fall 2023. She sees the work of HNAC as essential to the functioning of the University by providing a space to make valuable connections through shared curiosities, creativity and empathy.  

Elizabeth Perrill

School of Art

Researching and teaching within the Art History department, Elizabeth enjoys the interdisciplinary relationships that arise through HNAC. Joining the Steering Committee in 2016, Elizabeth values the centralized space that HNAC offers to help build communities within faculty and students, particularly with the HNAC’s Liberal Arts Advantage program. 

Faye Stewart

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Serving on the HNAC Steering Committee since Fall 2022, Faye Stewart appreciates the interdisciplinary connections and networks created through HNAC. She values the opportunities for emerging and established scholars to connect with people while exploring humanities research, teaching, and other projects.  

Graduate Assistants

Liz Gardner

Department of English

Lisa Hines

School of Dance

Kathy Goodkin

Department of English

Pooja Shah

Department of English

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