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The Liberal Arts Advantage: Resources for students


  • Have you ever thought about how what you learn in your humanities classes connects with important skills, such as critical thinking and communication?
  • Are you curious about what life is like after graduating with a B.A. in the humanities? 
  • Do you find yourself wondering about how humanities graduates find careers they love? 


The Liberal Arts Advantage at UNCG is here to help you answer those questions – and more! 

  • Spring 2021 Alumni panel discussion with UNCG faculty, staff

Watch this inspiring conversation between UNCG alumni, faculty, and Career Services staff to find out what life is like after graduating with a B.A. in the humanities, and how humanities graduates find careers they love! 

  • Liberal Arts Advantage Module Videos

Watch these short informational videos if you’d like to think more about how to connect what you’re learning in class with your broader life or career goals!

Chapter 1: Self-assessment – Know yourself

In this video, Nicole Hall, Director of Career & Professional Development at UNCG, talks about the importance of getting to know one’s interests, strengths, skills and values when thinking about what careers to potentially pursue. She also discusses the Career Key. Follow this link to take the Career Key and other self-assessments hosted by the NCFC: (free to access, requires creating a username and password).


Chapter 2: Introducing the 3 C’s – Critical Thinking, Communication & Collaboration

In this video, faculty member Dr. Frances Bottenberg talks about the “3 C’s” – Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration – valuable “employable” skills that students can practice in their Arts & Humanities classes.


Chapter 3: Where to go from here 

In this video, Nicole Hall and Frances Bottenberg discuss three things students can do right now to move forward on finding a career they’ll love.

About Us: The Liberal Arts Advantages is a humanities-forward career preparation initiative co-run by the Humanities Network and Consortium and the Career and Professional Development office at UNCG. To help students make the most of their liberal arts and humanities experience at UNCG, we offer classroom workshops, half-day professional events and embeddable Canvas modules.

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